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Ascension View: 2022

John Caldwell: 5 Key Characteristics of Leadership

Alistair Matheson: Coming to our Senses

Alistair Matheson: Apostolic Leaders – three default modes

Andrew Smith: Four Johns Who Shaped Me

Andrew Owen: The Greatest Story Never Told

Peter Vincent: Spring of Hope

Peter Vincent: The Voice of the Prophet

Brian Campbell: New Year, New Place, New Ministry

Alistair Matheson: Find-A-Way People

Alan Ross: A Letter to Pastors

Steve Uppal: Jesus People

John Caldwell: An Unchanging Calling for Uncertain Times

David Mitchell: Free Speech

Phelim Doherty: School’s Out!

Steven Anderson: Birth, Build, Break through


An Apostolic People; Alistair Matheson interviewing Steven Anderson and Phelim Doherty.

Marks of Apostleship; Alistair Matheson interviewing Steven Anderson and Tim Jack.

Apostolic Values; Alistair Matheson interviewing Steven Anderson and Tim Jack.


An Apostolic People: Foundations and Features of a Missional Church, by Alistair Matheson & Steven Anderson. This module study guide has been designed for the Ascension Forum network’s Baton Leadership Programme. An Apostolic People commences with a biblical study of what church is, before examining ascension gifts essential to a missional community.


The Baton Leadership Programme is a resource of The Apostolic Church UK, designed to equip next generation church leaders. Baton is structured around the key elements of Guided Distance Learning, Local Church Mentoring and Equipping Week-Ends. Check out our latest brochure.

ACUK – A Brief History

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